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Wayne Dunaway has been a serious student of  the Bible for over forty-four years. He is a Preacher and an  Author. His books include A Journey with Jonah, The Lord’s Friend in a Lion’s Den, and Heaven: Where Few…Are Many.  He has a unique way of speaking and writing which will be evident when you read his books.

Wayne can be contacted at: waynedunaway@gmail.com  or Ph. 256-624-6024


Just as I am; Married , Divorced, and Remarried

About the book

This book is written primarily for those who have been married, divorced and remarried and have come to Jesus for salvation. Many of you have suffered enough guilt, rejection and/or suspicion because a previous marriage did not work out and you have started over in a new marriage relationship. It is time for healing. It is time to focus on God’s grace, mercy and peace. It is time to move on. God wants to give you peace of mind and lasting assurance and this book will prove it. Jesus, the great “I AM,” accepts us just as we are—even if we are “married, divorced and remarried.”

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Book Summary


Have you ever wondered what all those prophecies in the book of Daniel were talking about? Have you read about those “beasts coming up out of the sea” and wondered, “What on earth does this mean”? Do you believe that the book of Daniel is primarily speaking about events that are occurring in our day? Are you interested in considering a view that some religious people have never heard? Would you like to know who is in control of our world at all times and how to prove it? Does God really remove kings and control other created things? Does God really care for his people even when bad things are happening to them? Is there really a spiritual war going on in the “unseen” world? If any of these questions are important to you, then this book could be for you.

This book is written in outline form to make it easy for preachers and teachers to point out the encouraging truths in Daniel’s exciting book. It is also written in such a way that anyone interested in studying the book of Daniel can quickly learn what the author believes and why he believes it.


Table of Contents

1. Four Young Men Who Refused to Sin
2. A King’s Dream and What It Means
3. Three Young Men Who Would Not Bend
4. Gazing, Grazing, and Praising
5. The Ball, the Wall, and the Fall
6. The Lord’s Friend in a Lion’s Den
7. Daniel’s Vision of God’s Decision
8. A Flying Goat and the Ram He Smote
9. An Angel Speaks of Seventy Weeks
10. A Detailed Explanation of the Future
11. Confrontations

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Book Summary

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Heaven…almost.

  • Will only a few people go to Heaven?
  • Can “few” be “many”?
  • Does God mean what He says about who is going to Heaven?
  • Can God extend clemency to some if He pleases?
  • Can Jesus judge people based on what they would have done if their circumstances had been different?
  • Can Jesus let one go to Heaven if he prepares his heart to seek God, even though he does things contrary to what God
  • has written?
  • Should Christians fear the Judgment Day?
  • Will believers be judged for their sins?
  • When I get to Heaven will I be me?
  • Will I recognize my relatives and friends?
  • Will all earthly relationships be dissolved in Heaven?
  • Will there be sex in Heaven?
  • Will there be rewards for Christian service?
  • What are the rewards?
  • What will we do in Heaven?
  • Will a righteous person just barely make it to Heaven? Explore these and other questions that many believers have always wondered about—and some still do!

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Book Summary

From God’s book of Jonah, Wayne shows that failures in life do not have to be fatal or final when faced with faith. In A Journey with Jonah, Wayne demonstrates what to do with situations which look hopeless and threaten to render us helpless. He presents the true God as He is indeed— a God of the second chance.

Wayne further focuses on events in the book of Jonah that will help us have a better attitude toward others— especially those battered and scarred by sin.

Finally, he proves that people are more important than things. Since we all need an attitude adjustment now and then, a study of A Journey with Jonah will be profitable to everyone. This book will make you smile, urge you to think, and give you hope even when you sink.

The book of Jonah is, in reality, a book that deals with attitude adjustments. The people of Nineveh needed an attitude adjustment when it came to sin; Jonah needed an attitude adjustment when it came to souls. Both needed to learn to bow to the will of God and both got what they needed.

A Journey with Jonah will be a profitable study for anyone who will take the lessons to heart. All of us at times need adjustments in our attitudes regarding God, His word, our responsibility to others, and a host of other areas covered in this book. Hopefully, God can use these truths to help us make whatever adjustments we need to make in living the Christian life. God’s truth can build character while God’s testing can reveal character. And God can use both to help us be what we need to be. There are detailed outlines of each chapter as well as questions for group discussion at the end of each outline.


Chapter 1 Jonah Rebelling
Chapter 2 Jonah Repenting
Chapter 3 Jonah Responding
Chapter 4 Jonah Resenting

Send email to address below to order.
Special for Blog Visitors:
$9.00 plus shipping
Order from waynedunaway@gmail.com
Call: 1-256-624-6024

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